Frédéric Bastin

Frédéric Bastin is a painter who combines art and wellbeing. His personal work in art, uses colors and compositions in the same objective : to bring you into a state of contemplation , daydreaming . Your deep emotions arise to cultivate the best in you . Also art therapist in Liege (Belgium) , workshops are bringing to surface your potential and develop your confidence. Each of us is an artist : we risk creating our lives from our dreams.



Aline Deworme

Painting and drawing have always been for me a way to express emotions. The works for arts2be are part of a series I call ‘ conscience ‘ . They begin with a cry of rage and incomprehension , followed by a slow setting or environment control and life resumed . They were painted between 2014 and 2015, showing incomprehension , fear , anger, even the hope and detachment represented by the tree of life and fish in the ocean.



Véronique Dumont

A consumed passion: this is what acrylic painting represents for me for nearly five years.

Without artistic background, I paint according to my instinct or desires, and each time I am still amazed by the colours mix and its multitudinous nuances, as well as textures and reliefs of material.

My own trick? Capturing the shine of the wet paint and immortalizing its magical glints. Then sublimating them on supports such as plexiglass, paper and now also fine leather goods thanks to arts2be.


Josette Laurent-Jauniaux

I paint with broad gestures where the hand becoming the spontaneous extension of the soul seeks to transcribe on the canvas my emotional overflow . The canvas becomes battlefield where my brushes , spalters , knives etc … leading the fight in a big bang of controlled disorder . Everything is for me inspiration pattern when sensitivity , movement and emotion are at the rendez-vous . Acrylic, oil , mixed media , watercolor … not lock myself in a genre and a particular technique but diversifying me and giving me a challenge every time , I like to walk under my expressive influence, on the edge of figurative and the abstract.




Samuël Levy

Young visual artist, energies catalyst, I store all that surrounds us and mixes the transcribed on the canvas. Working without barriers, without concept established , the energy ratio, the interaction between the external elements and the work are what is interest me. My technique : drawing. My works refers to automated drawings, drawings of children, or digital rendering .Generative aspect of the image is what inspires me. After painting for many years, I wanted to reduce the toolbox to concentrate on the basics. Drawing allows me to refine my technique and this is how I generate a singular universe.



Isabelle Marchal

My favorite theme … The Feline Look!

He invites us to enter his world, tells a story and confronts us with our own …
The acrylic or gouache lands on the canvas to allow hyperrealism of this look!
Without debating the entire subject, I invite you to find yourself in this work
What could be more wonderful!




Marc-André Metais

Neo- expressionist artist with bubbling interiority , vibrating through the pictorial gesture . The importance of line and colors predominant highlight an expression of humanity and spirituality .



Anne-Marie Monin

For me, painting is a way to express what I feel . I like more and more pure colors . I find them most luminous and I did not fail to use in my landscapes and my flowers. I think , in art , we may use any means to achieve the initial goal: to have pleasure in representing something that we find beautiful.




Isabelle Pelletane

In my recent work, a series of broken flowers and leaves flowing exploit the graphical aesthetics and rhythm of the plant kingdom. Abstract forms are references to a lush, paradisiacal scenery taken from my travels in the islands.

A turbulent nature blurred in its representation of apparent dualities that challenge our ambivalent position on environmental issues in our consumerist society.

These heavenly gardens, cheerfully colored, continue to fuel my dreams of escape and a resolutely optimistic vision where man and nature live in harmony.

Everything is in the act of painting, the gesture causing the expulsion, without nets, instinctive, energetic.



Jehanne Petiau

French artist and painter decorator After earning a degree in Art and then with tertiary painting Van der Kelen school in 2013, she moved to Brussels or her practice especially trompe l’oeil and decorative painting , while exploring many artistic fields , ranging from illustration to portrait through catering, fashion designs and special orders …




Marie-Christine Thiercelin

When I paint, I ‘m looking to surrender, I dive into the color, its depth, I lost myself then finding me back again and let it go.
When the hand finds its strokes, I let emerge crude forms, tender forms. They can be melted or prominent.
It is a human face or an abstraction; it does not matter … I explore, I push brush strokes, and nuances until the surprise, astonishment; discovering what I do not know.
I like that the form does not remain rigid, that it moves in everyone ‘s look, every day at every moment.



LéŽa Tridetti

Conceptual visual artist , I am always looking for new ways of expression and new challenges : painting, contemporary sculpture , tapestry , installation, performance , involve the way to work. I represent my inner world with its complexities , its joys and sufferings I love playing with the material, color and composition. From an early age, anything that falls in my hands is diverted from its primary function to be turned into unusual object no purpose , just for the pleasure of creation. Conceptual visual artist , I am always looking for new ways of expression and new challenges : painting, contemporary sculpture , tapestry , installation, performance , involve the way to work.




Antoine Vanheesbeke

What matters to me is to create above all, because the artwork has its own life that goes far beyond who I am. Imbued with a rich and complex culture, the idea that inspires me is often confused and sources from various modern and contemporary artistic movements. The creative force that drives me therefore partly get out of my hands. What remains is material and pieces of life that relate my hopes and fears: unanswered questions, the passing of time, the absurdity of life in front of a silent world, while in perpetual movement, the instant. Art is for me a refuge where all these thoughts influence.



Bernard Vermote

Talking about my painting is always a difficult exercise. Especially as, what matters to me is what you see, perceive it, feel it … They say my universe is dominated by the four elements: earth, water, air and fire. Personally, I like to think that most of my work as an artist lies mainly in the feeling it provides. Today, with arts2be, I find myself proud imagining my world carried over by a woman, accompanying her on the street, in her friendship meetings or dinner parties! …